We're Rebate Ready

Midnight VFX is a "B-BBEE LEVEL 2: 125% Procurement Recognition" company with a transparent shareholding structure of 8 shareholders who are all actively involved in the company (download B-BBE Certificate here). We meet all the requirements that will allow you to claim your spend with us as part of South African's Film Incentive.

Spend ZAR 1.5 Million on post (it doesn't all have to be VFX) in South Africa and get a 25% incentive on your entire production's spend in South Africa.


Shooting on location in South Africa offers a 25% incentive of Qualifying South African Production Expenditure, with a cap of ZAR 50 million. An additional incentive of 5% of the entire qualifying spend is provided for productions also conducting post-production in South Africa worth at least ZAR 1.5 Million (roughly 115k USD).


Foreign productions only looking to do their post in South Africa qualify for a 20% incentive of the minimum ZAR 1.5 million Qualifying South African Post-Production Expenditure (QSAPPE).
An additional 2.5%  is provided for spending at least R10 million of post-production budget in South Africa (22.5% cumulative).
When spending ZAR 15 million and above the incentive is calculated at 25%.

We'll handle the entire rebate application for you with our experienced team of auditors and lawyers.

More info can be seen here: